Welcome to the future advertising!

A finished project for the new Cinema 5 stars in the Russian city of Penza. Multikino demanded light pole, where the samples were screened with the films. Alert for current films and also as a space for commercial leasing business partners multiplex. Our LED PILLAR has a height of 9 meters and a width of 2 meters.
  • The sponsor was the final result of extremely satisfied and promised further cooperation on other projects throughout Russia.

"No company grows to the size, if you invent a way to change the laborers in the Director."

Tomas Bata


Is a dynamic presentation of content, movement, light, color and limitless possibilities presentations on the streets, stores and offices. At any time and in any weather attracting the attention of every passerby.

At the time, the newest technologies and the faster and faster pace of life, is a large LED screen, LED moving scrolling text, LED banners, LED media facades the only technology for which you are able to quickly change the presentation and respond quickly to changes in changing world.

It is the only medium that is able to group the most important functions that require presentation of information by advertisers. Traditional advertising media have such an advantage in view of the installation time or gluing.

Companies that base their marketing on advertising should take LED screens, LED panels, LED scrolling texts, LED banners, LED media facades and LED Pharmacy Cross as the ideal beam advertising.

prestige and the expansion of this type of advertising is a great idea to present a positive outlook for the company, indicating the stability of and confidence. In addition, the LED screen as a great supplement to boost campaigns of the traditional advertising mediums such as radio or television.

LED displays come in different sizes and with different intervals LEDs. They can be as big as a billboard, rounded to an angle, moving like a movie, like the current newspaper.


size and brilliant colors of LED displays stand out even in sunny weather, attracting the eyes of thousands of people and thereby create a unique and unmatched multimedia tool.

               The large LED display, you can view live video, most multimedia files, video clips, photos, whatever you can express your picture or text, including the weather, the time, or the latest news from the internet.


The biggest advantage of LED screens, LED banners, LED scrolling texts, LED media facades and sidewalks and LED pharmacy crosses as carriers of information and advertising work is done in real time and almost unlimited amount of information displayed, supported formats and ease of use, including remote management and control of several large screens at once.

Other benefits include virtually unlimited size, shape and location of these large LED panels out there even in very difficult conditions. AlphaLED screen using high quality LEDs, making them the information displayed perfectly visible even in direct sunlight.


Many architects and designers use large LED products not only to transmit information, but also for displaying graphics design effects podkresového design and create moods in space.

This variant is also becoming more and more interesting for end users of LED technology for both the design of buildings, design shops or other interior space.


to control any LED large panels we use our own software.